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Five points to be a partner

  • Show your club in the best APP in the market for Swingers
  • Get to 100,000 potential users worldwide
  • Post your parties
  • You are one click away from a full house
  • The investment is amortized with only 1 couple
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Because a picture is worth 1000 words .... View our screenshots where functionalities which you can benefit appear to be a V.I.P. club


​They'll find you

Your club will appear on our map and users will have access to all your information with two single clicks.


​They'll discover you

You will have an exclusive screen for your club to explain to users how to arrive at your club, your schedule, telephone number and all necessary information so that Swinger People will find you.


Show off your club

Add all the photos you want so that users be seduced by your club and feel free to visit you.


Speak about your parties

Post your parties and they will appear on our map, being easily accessible by users with an exclusive screen, where you can explain the theme and all the details of it.


Grow with us

With your Gold membership you will have 2 free parties annually, plus another one to celebrate your club's anniversary, because we want to share the most commemorative day with you.


Save on your parties

With our membership you will get a special discount for your parties, so you can reach many more people for less money and making good your investment.

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