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Welcome to swinger people, the APP where you can get in contact with and get to know swingers from all over the world. This app has been developed especially for couples; nevertheless you have the option as a couple to get in contact with singles, so that all your fantasies and wishes will come true !!

This app provides several methods to protect your privacy and your personal data. One of them is our Twilight Zone, with which you can hide your position in private areas like your home or working place etc. Naturally we will protect your personal data and respect your privacy in accordance with best business practices, applicable laws and international guidelines.

We know you like to party, therefore the APP helps you to find the most exclusive clubs or the hottest parties which are near to your current or future position. Use the APP as your personal club guide, it will provide all the important information like phone numbers, opening hours or on how to get there. You will never miss a single minute of the party.

What can you do?

  • Meet couples from around the world and make real your fantasies.
  • Find the most exciting parties near to you!
  • Select your favourite couples and be near them
  • Block the couples with whom you have no feeling.
  • Keep your privacy with our "Twilight Zone!" Application
  • To your disposal the best clubs in the world and all the information.
  • Internal chat to talk or send photos and keep your privacy within the network without having to use the usual channels of communication if you do not want.
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Because a picture is worth 1000 words .... View our screenshots functionality where you can enjoy the part of our social network shows



If you wish you can find other couples, and single boys or girls, by activating the filters (lower screen). You can view the clubs around you or anywhere in the world wherever you travel. You will see the distance that separates you from them and access them just by selecting the profile. You will appear on the map to be located by other couples and if you use the "Twiligth Zone" you can keep your privacy!



The menu allows you to view your own profile, access the advanced search, return to the map, view the profiles in a list, access the chat to contact other Swingers, enter the area called "Twilight" to introduce your regular addresses and will be protected when you're at home, in your office etc ..., add profiles to your favorite list, or block users that you are not interested in!



View in a list form, the Swingers, the clubs and parties according to the distance (the closest ones will come up first). Note that with just a glance, you can see the languages spoken, age, profile picture and access to more data by pressing the profile you want!


Advanced Search

Enter Advanced Search menu and locate the city where you want to travel on vacation. Enter and it will be as if you were there. Organize your holiday contacting other Swingers and use the filters to contact whoever you want. Search your clubs and check out if there is any scheduled party close to where you're traveling !


Clubs, Parties & Profiles

Select a club. Do not hesitate to select a "Premium" one, where you can see all the information coming into your profile. You can view a complete gallery of pics as well as the address, phone, website, opening hours or the premises's capacity. Use the button to get the application automatically and it will show you the best route. We recommend that you choose the best clubs in your travels. You can also see a review of other existing clubs in the area.



Chat with all the swingers all over the world, look for boys or girls (singles) if that's your interest, they cannot contact you if you don't want. Send photos through the chat and know who you're talking to to avoid possible misunderstandings. This APP is not a chat. Our chat meets with the basic requirements to contact and be contacted, and best of all it can send photos that makes it a very good feature . We do not show the last connection, just in case you don't want to answer someone. We are very concerned about privacy of our users.

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​We have used the application and we have met many interesting partners. It is a very useful application!
Francis & Nat
A fantastic application , just arrived from our holidays and we met a lot of couples and found the best clubs thanks to the App. ¡Grate!
Danielle & Max








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